Cablon Medical is for many years already a reliable supplier of radiotherapy software and hardware. CNERGY is in house developed and helps hospitals in many countries over the world, to give patients a safe, accurate and efficient treatment. It offers a complete treatment verification system including patient identification, imaging, extensive possibilities of positioning the patient, dose verification and the accurate correction of the radiotherapy treatment. One of the many advantages of CNERGY is that it reduces human errors till a minimum. To learn more about CNERGY and how it can help you to optimize your radiotherapy department click here for more information or ask for a free demo.

Correct positioning is very important as it contributes to a higher effectiveness, safety and comfort for the patient. Cablon Medical offers a wide assortment of patient positioning and fixation solutions of our supplier CIVCO Radiotherapy. Read below more about the CIVCO assortment.

For correct patient alignment we offer LAP laser systems. The high level of excellence has made LAP the global market leader for patient alignment in radiation therapy.Beside the lasers LAP offers also an assortment of QA related phantoms.

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