One of the greatest challenges in radiotherapy is delivering the prescribed radiation dose to the target area while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. 6 DoF robotic couches are preferred for high precision radiotherapy. These systems may diminish the patient set-up errors and improve  target positioning. Safety margins around target and critical organs can be reduced. CNERGY and CIVCO Radiotherapy have joined forces by combining CNERGY Check and Protura Robotic Patient Positioning System; the CNERGY-Protura interface. The module is able to perform 3D or 6D corrections with submillimeter precision.1

Key features:

  • Optimized, larger range of motion by combining CNERGY and Protura
  • Automatic patient selection
  • CBCT match result import and export
  • Interlocks are used to secure the entire workflow


  • Patient positioning can be adjusted and rotated in all directions to ensure precise delivery to the target area
  • One system managing all couch corrections in 3D and 6D for ease of use and flexibility
  • Automated setup, all corrections can be done without re-entering the treatment room
  • Advanced protocol support for online and offline 3D and 6D positioning

Best of both worlds

Utilising a Protura couch top enables cancer care clinics to provide more accurate and efficient radiation treatments. With a robotic couch top patient positioning can be adjusted and rotated in all directions to ensure precise dose delivery to the target area.

The calculated patient shifts are imported from the CBCT system. CNERGY optimises the 6D correction between CNERGY Check and Protura, resulting in a larger set of possible rotations and translations. The complete workflow is controlled by CNERGY, and interlocks are used to prevent human errors. The performed couch shifts can be exported to the R&V system.

CNERGY Exact 6D is designed to integrate with Elekta XVI and Elekta couch.

CNERGY Check technical specifications2

  • Move 3 axes simultaneously
  • High accuracy; up to 0.3 mm precision
  • All movements are retraceable by using the main applications
  • CNERGY Check can be installed on treatment couches of Elekta
  • Repositioning possibilities including a-priori shifts


1 Protura™ Robotic PatientPositioning System for efficiency + performance
2 Technical manual addendum TCSA