CNERGY Total Body Irradiation (TBI)

Total Body Irradiation (TBI) can be a complex treatment and may take up to an hour. Patient movements or positioning difficulties can double the time required. CNERGY TBI aims to help you significantly improve Total Body Irradiation treatment setup procedures and outcomes. Instead of simply producing a single image, the solution relies on Intrafraction Monitoring in the form of live video capture to provide 1376 x 1024 resolution (14 bits/pixel) MV images. Video captures can be stopped and restarted to accommodate for changes in the patient’s position or block/ compensator positions – so there’s no risk of needing to repeat the entire patient setup procedure. This will deliver greater efficiency and improved treatment quality compared to the classic film cassette methods.¹

Key features:

  • Verification with (sub) millimeter precision2
  • Real-time (intrafraction) monitoring during entire total body irradiation treatment
  • Large TBI imaging area of 75 x 46 cm
  • Dicom RT support to import treatment plan information to use as reference
  • Clinical audio alarm when difference in color coded image exceeds predefined treshold


  • Improved patient setup¹
  • Reduce overall total body irradiation treatment times¹
  • Patient setup verification software specially designed for TBI workflow
  • Patient position is continuously monitored during entire treatment
  • Mobile unit can be used in different treatment rooms

CNERGY Total Body Irradiation: Focus on accuracy, efficiency and safety

During treatment, you need to ensure your patient is positioned correctly and that the dose given is in line with the treatment plan. CNERGY TBI setup verification software helps to automatically set up and correct the positioning of a patient or compensator/ blocker. Matching tools constantly monitor patient anatomy for movement readouts with sub-millimeter precision.2

Throughout the entire total body irradiation treatment process, Intrafraction Monitoring is active and a live video feed is provided. Images are acquired every second during treatment to verify patient position and compensator/blocker position. A color-coded image shows differences between the patient’s current position and the position at the outset. This comparison is supported by a clinical audio alarm, audible whenever the difference exceeds a predefined threshold. Treatment can be manually stopped and continued, based on real-time (software) feedback.

1 Elsevier, Critical Reviews in Oncology/ Hematology,Total body irradiation in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation conditioning regimens: A review (2018)

2 CNERGY TBI Data Sheet

TBI Table, Beam Spoiler and Block Holder Positioning

As part of the TBI treatment often a dedicated TBI table is used to position the patient correctly in the beam. As part of the CNERGY TBI portfolio Cablon Medical is able to deliver a mobile TBI table capable of moving in 3 directions to position the patient in case of misalignment.

The minimum height (57 cm) makes it possible for the patient to easily step-on the table, while the maximum height (123 cm) assures the middle of the patient can reach the ISO center on existing Linacs. The patient can be positioned both in supine as the lateral position. A vacuum mattress provides comfort for the patient.

Optionally the Beam Spoiler is available, which is mounted on the TBI table. The TBI table can move independently from the Beam Spoiler.

On top of the Beam Spoiler an optional Block Holder Positioning system is available, where 2 compensators/ lead blocks can be placed independently from the table. In this way, the compensators can be adjusted in orientation regarding position and rotation.

Block cutting device

The block cutting device is constructed as an extremely reliable, maintenance free machine equipped with the software containing the clinical relevant tools to create the most accurate shielding blocks.

The foam blocks (holding the lead blocks when melted and cooled), can be directly placed in the Block Holder Positioning system

  • Small lightweight table model
  • Very fast cutting speed
  • Adjustability of Styrofoam block sizes from 380 x 380 mm and lower with full flexibility on selected size.
  • Supporting Windows 10 or higher
  • Dicom RT import is supported by a Dicom daemon

Additional accessories are available: Foam blocks, Melting pot for Alloy, Water cooling system, Workbench and Cadmium free alloy.

The block cutting device and accessories are available for the BeNeLux region. Outside the BeNeLux, please contact us for more details.

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CNERGY TBI explained

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