CNERGY Image, Dose Image and Review


The goal of image guidance during radiotherapy is to ensure proper targeting and delivery of the dose. CNERGY offers high quality imaging options for almost all vendors. Both kV and MV images can be combined to deliver stereo targeting treatments. CNERGY Image offers alternatives in case CBCT imaging is not preferred (breast or prostate cases). Fast double 2D kV/MV imaging in combination with gold markers is often used for prostate treatments to reduce treatment times.

CNERGY Dose Image

CNERGY Dose Image provides acquisition of MV dose images for EPID dosimetry for static fields, IMRT and IMAT/CINE images. After acquisition, images are
exported automatically in Dicom RT format for calculations. In combination with CNERGY In vivo the complete in vivo dosimetry workflow is fully automated without any user interaction.


CNERGY Review offers a review platform for Radonc and/ or Physics to review the stored kV/MV images, CBCT images, matchresults, protocols, approvals and perform offline image analysis. All data is stored in a central database for easy access and big data statistical trend analysis. Using the powerful scripting macro language tasks can be fully customized and automated.

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