Radiotherapy is a tailor-made therapy. None of the treatments are the same. The Theraview software helps hospitals to give patients a safe, accurate and effective treatment from the moment they enter the hospital up to the completion of the radiotherapy treatment. The basis for this starts from the quality of the recorded image, the extensive possibilities for patient verification and correction, the dose verification and the final accurate correction of the radiotherapy treatment. The implementation of the platform is effective as a result of the Workflow management, extremely safe due to the checks on the equipment and accurate as a result of the sophisticated control technique.


Position verification

Theraview offers extensive Image Guided RadioTherapy (IGRT) capabilities to verify the patient's position. The patient position can be checked by means of various matching tools and advanced protocol support.


Couch control

One of the biggest challenges in radiotherapy is to save as much as possible healthy tissue. 6 DoF robotic couch is preferred for treatments where high precision is required. Theraview and CIVCO have joined forces by combining TCSA and Protura Robotic Patient Positioning.


Patient treatment

EPID dosimetry measures the amount of radiation that a patient has received during a radiotherapy treatment. Theraview delivers the images with dose information and provides a fully automated workflow.


Intrafraction monitoring

During the treatment Theraview has unique modules that can monitor real-time patient movements. For example, respiratory monitoring and tracking of markers in the prostate. This allows irradiation to be carried out more accurately and to save more healthy tissue.

Theraview explained