Head and Neck

Individual Head Support

The Individual Head Support provides customized head and neck positioning during radiation therapy treatment and diagnostic procedures. This head support assists in maximizing fixation, stability and comfort while minimizing longitudinal, lateral and rotational movement of the patient.

Customizable Head Support

The Customizable Head Support is a shell and cushion system. The shell may be used with any customizable cushion. The unique shape of the shell was designed to encourage the cushion to return the patient to a repeatable position from fraction to fraction. Allows more support under patient's neck for less superior-inferior movement (pitch)

New! Solstice SRS Immobilization System

Solstice SRS Immobilization System is a leading-edge innovation and advancement of non-invasive, head and neck treatment. With submillimeter accuracy, the system provides unique corrective pitch capability and positioning flexibility. The system is comprised of a carbon fiber head support, customizable cushion and dedicated thermoplastic mask designed for secure and simple attachment. These components create a highly customizable and comfortable head and neck immobilization system for precise treatment to improve patient outcomes.

New! TOTIM Patient cushions

Totim is a polyurethane foam cushion for patient positioning and immobilization during simulation, planning and radiation treatment. Available in different sizes for all body parts, the cushion forms to the patient and enables reproducibility of position during treatment.

Totim is a full sealed cushion covered with microfiber polyester. The cushion shapes and molds around the patient after activation of the internal components. It maintains its formed shape during all sessions of radiotherapy treatment.

Customizable Head Supports with Accuform

The customizable head supports with accuform are ideal for high-precision head and neck treatments when enhanced comfort, stability and repositioning accuracy are key.

New! Solstat Immobilization System

The Solstat immobilization system is a new innovative product that brings increased patient comfort and rigidity for head and neck treatment.
The system consists of a rigid head support, customizable cushion or non-custom headrest and a dedicated thermoplastic mask designed for secure and simple attachment. These components create a highly customizable and comfortable setup for more accurate head and neck treatments. The Solstat is MR compatible.

Extended Head Stop Headrests

The Extended Head Stop Headrests helps encourage patients to return closer to the same position from treatment to treatment by providing a cranial stop as a reference for where to place their head.

Posifix ® Supine Headrests

Posifix headrests are made of low density polyethylene foam.
(left to right)
Cushion 1 : Natural position with shift in superior direction (301001)
Cushion 2 : Hyperextended (301004BLK)
Cushion 3 : Slightly hyperextended (301003BLK)
Cushion 4 : Chin down toward chest (301005BLK)
Cushion 5 : Natural position (301002BLK)
They are compatible with all Posifix® and Posirest™ Baseplates, Uni-frame® Baseplates, C-Qual™ Breastboard and the Variable Axis Baseplate with adapter.

Posifix ® Contoured Headrests

The Posifix Contoured Headrests are offered in the same curvature as the standard Posifix Supine Headrests feature colored bottoms for easy identification. They are wider and higher and completely surround the back of the head. This design is intended to encourage less lateral, longitudinal and rotational movement during setup and treatment.
(left to right)
Yellow bottom - Natural position
White bottom - Hyperextended
Orange bottom - Chin down toward chest
They are compatible with Posifix®, Positilt™ and Posirest™ Baseplates and the C-Qual™ Breastboard. They are compatible with Uni-frame® Baseplates and the Variable Axis Baseplate via the Adapter Cushion (301016). They are also compatible with Type-S™ Baseplates and Wing Boards™ via the Posi-S Adapter (301029).