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UltraiQ offers rubber-based phantoms. Using the UltraiQ general purpose phantoms, you can for example determine the contrast and depth of penetration of your transducer. There is an UltraiQ general purpose phantom for any type of 2D transducer.


The UltraiQ general purpose phantoms set is specially designed for an optimal workflow. All types of targets can be captured in one image. This phantom is compatible with any 2D ultrasound transducer (frequency 2-15MHz) and FibroScan devices. A fast and accurate analysis of the captured image in UltraiQ tells you the following image quality parameters:

  • Contrast / Dynamic range
  • Axial resolution
  • Lateral resolution
  • Distance accuracy
  • Penetration Depth
  • Elasticity

By repeating these tests frequently, changes in performance can be detected at an early stage.


Suitable for:

UltraiQ Desktop


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