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With the CARINAnav control system, movable lasers in DORADO and DORADOnova laser systems can be positioned. It is the connecting piece between the therapy planning system and the LAP laser systems mentioned before CARINAnav transmits the exact spatial coordinates to the movable lasers, which projects the laser lines onto the patient with precision. To position the lasers, the spatial coordinates from the scheduling system are transmitted to the CARINAnav control system. If no connection to a scheduling system is available, the coordinates can be entered manually on the tablet. Lasers and control system are connected reliably via Bluetooth. All CARINAnav control system components are tested and approved for use in a clinical environment.

CARINAnav has two modes: In Clinical Mode, patients are precisely aligned in the clinical workflow using the laser lines, and the reference point is marked. In Service Mode, the laser system is set up, and the lasers are aligned with the virtual isocenter.


  • Portable and equipped with Bluetooth technology
  • Compatible, adapt to our individual workflow
  • Easy navigation
  • Touchscreen
  • SSL-encrypted data import, digital signature, protected login and secure interfaces

Suitable for:

DORADO and DORADOnova lasers