CNERGY Total Body Irradiation in Japan

CNERGY Total Body Irradiation evaluation presented at Jastro in Japan.
We are proud to share that the National Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo has evaluated the commissioning and performance of CNERGY Total Body Irradiation (TBI)  Solution
The results have been presented at the JASTRO. The conclusion is that ‘CNERGY TBI is good for deciding the position of the lung lead block, monitoring during the total body radiation therapy, efficient workflow and assuring TBI quality’.

We like to thank the Nation Cancer Center Hospital in Tokyo, Japan for the cooperation and sharing these positive outcomes.

About CNERGY Total Body Irradiation
CNERGY TBI helps hospital all over the world to significantly improve Total Body Irradiation treatment procedures and outcomes. The flexible stand-alone imager is the only commercially available TBI of its kind today. Instead of simply producing a single image, the CNERGY TBI solution relies on Intrafraction Monitoring in the form of live video capture to provide high-quality mega voltage (MV) images. Video captures can be stopped an restarted to accommodate for changes in the patient’s position – so there’s no risk of needing to repeat the entire patient setup procedure. This will deliver significantly greater efficiency, faster results and improved treatment quality.

For more information, contact your CNERGY representative or Cablon Medical directly.