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The ASTOR room lasers allow precisely reproducible positioning of the patient on the linear accelerator. The finest laser lines, with a max. 1 mm width, project the isocenter for highly precise patient positioning. Room lasers are also a fundamental element of phantom alignment for quality assurance.

The ASTOR system has three (optionally four) lasers for alignment with skin markings. You can choose laser color, design variant, and line or cross lasers, all individually adapted to your room situation and workflow. A fourth laser can be used to prevent potential shadowing from the gantry.

Ultra-precise laser lines in red or green are made possible by state-of-the-art precision mechanics and optics. ASTOR room lasers are reduced to the maximum, so even a modest budget can achieve the highest degree of precision.


  • One fixed laser line from the ceiling
  • Two fixed crosshair lasers from the sides
  • Optional: Additional crosshair laser from the ceiling to avoid potential shadowing of sagittal
    and transverse line
  • Remote controlled
  • Laser colour: red and green
  • Optional: Easy Cube
  • Optional: Room planning within Pre-installation service

Suitable for: