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Posicast Plus

Posicast thermoplastics are designed to drape over the patient offering a very conformal fit. The Posicast is compatible with the Posifix® Patient Positioning Systems.

The Posicast Plus has a soft polyurethane coating on the inside for patient comfort. The outside has a smooth coating. The Posicast Plus is available in both a 5-point mask and a 3-point mask.

Posicast Lite

Posicast thermoplastics are designed to drape over the patient offering a very conformal fit. The Posicast is compatible with the Posifix® Patient Positioning Systems.

The Posicast Lite feels like a traditional thermoplastic with a smooth spray coating on both sides of the mask. The Posicast Lite available in both a 5-point mask and a 3-point mask.

RapidHeat™ Oven

The RapidHeat™ oven quickly reaches operating temperatures and provides an easy method to heat Aquaplast RT, Fibreplast thermoplastic masks and Aquaplast RT Custom Bolus. The unique two-fan design and the optimal spacing between the racks allow the hot air to soften the thermoplastic quickly and evenly. For added safety the RapidHeat™ Oven automatically shuts off after 2 hours of inactivity

Evolve Breastboard

The Evolve Breastboard from CIVCO is a lightweight solution and is designed to provide maximum patient comfort. The product can be combined with handles, headrests, Vac-Lok™ and thermoplastic options to maximize positioning options based on patient or clinical need.

Pro Wing Board

The Pro Wing Board is (59 cm) wide and designed to create a correct and comfortable position of the upper limbs. The Pro Wing Board comes with various handles and a gel headrest that can be adjusted in several positions. The Wing Board is three-pin indexable and can be used as a standalone device.

Encompass devices

The Encompass System is an immobilization system designed for precise and targeted treatments of the brain, head and neck. All Encompass devices have an innovative Integrated Shim System™ which provides a 4 mm range of height adjustment utilizing discrete 0.5 mm increments to optimize immobilization.

Bladder phantom

With the help of this phantom, unlimited training can be given to correctly measure the urine volume in the bladder. This phantom comes with four different cassettes to simulate different settings.

Scrotal phantom

Because scanning the scrotum is usually not desirable to practice on colleagues or students, the scrotal phantom was developed. Apart from the full anatomy required, a cassette with pathology is also included.

Lung phantom

This brand new lung phantom is intended for training various possibilities of lung anatomy and pathology. The phantom consists of four different cassettes to simulate A Line, B, Line, pneumonia and pleural effusion. A Covid-19 cassette is under development to simulate Corona patients.


In radiotherapy, safety and accuracy are top priorities. RacCalc is QA software that check the calculation of the treatment planning system, independently of manufacturer, quickly and precisely. Simply import the patient plans from your planning system. RadCalc automatically calculates with independent algorithms whether irregularities or deviations are present. An analysis report is automatically generates. This save time and provide you a second check on the calculation of the therapy planning system – fully automated.

There are different modules available for a variety of treatment techniques for instance: IMRT, SBRT, VMAT, SRS and brachytherapy. The software is compatible with the common used planning systems and devices.


With the CARINAnav control system, movable lasers in DORADO and DORADOnova laser systems can be positioned. It is the connecting piece between the therapy planning system and the LAP laser systems mentioned before CARINAnav transmits the exact spatial coordinates to the movable lasers, which projects the laser lines onto the patient with precision. To position the lasers, the spatial coordinates from the scheduling system are transmitted to the CARINAnav control system. If no connection to a scheduling system is available, the coordinates can be entered manually on the tablet. Lasers and control system are connected reliably via Bluetooth. All CARINAnav control system components are tested and approved for use in a clinical environment.

CARINAnav has two modes: In Clinical Mode, patients are precisely aligned in the clinical workflow using the laser lines, and the reference point is marked. In Service Mode, the laser system is set up, and the lasers are aligned with the virtual isocenter.


EASY CUBE is a water-equivalent phantom for the widest variety of quality assurance tasks: commissioning, dosimetry, machine QA, and patient treatment plan QA.
Verification of the entire treatment chain is possible with the universal phantom design. From dose distribution verification to a complete end-to-end test – EASY CUBE adapts to your individual quality assurance requirements.


Check the alignment of your DORADOnova MR3T laser system easily, safely and reliably with the AQUARIUS phantom. The alignment of the lasers to the central axis of the MRT is uncomplicated and fast thanks to the practical levelling aids. A mark that is clearly visible from all perspectives indicates the centre of the MRT. Aquarius can be used in any combination of magnetic resonance tomographs and lasers in an MR environment.


The ASTOR room lasers allow precisely reproducible positioning of the patient on the linear accelerator. The finest laser lines, with a max. 1 mm width, project the isocenter for highly precise patient positioning. Room lasers are also a fundamental element of phantom alignment for quality assurance.

The ASTOR system has three (optionally four) lasers for alignment with skin markings. You can choose laser color, design variant, and line or cross lasers, all individually adapted to your room situation and workflow. A fourth laser can be used to prevent potential shadowing from the gantry.

Ultra-precise laser lines in red or green are made possible by state-of-the-art precision mechanics and optics. ASTOR room lasers are reduced to the maximum, so even a modest budget can achieve the highest degree of precision.


Customized laser bridge system configuration for a corresponding projection of laser lines according to CT position. The sagittal and coronal planes are steerable by the included CARINAnav laser control, allowing easy and efficient patient alignment. The control software is operated by a touch screen mounted to the customized bridge, for easy laser control in the MR room. The fibre optic connection to the PC in the control room fulfils the electromagnetic interference requirements for MR.

DORADOnova 3

Depending on the individual workflow, different body planes are projected by the DORADOnova laser system for marking the patient. Precise marking is necessary for the subsequent irridation at the LINAC. Our DORADOnova laser systems can be completely configured according to your needs. You have the choice of whether only one or all five laser lines can be moved. Choose between the three laser colours red, green or blue. The laser control software CARINAnav will be delivered pre-installed on a tablet or desktop PC. Fine adjustment of the laser lines can be done by remote control in all degrees of freedom.

The two movable sagittal and coronal lines allow our laser system to offer increased flexibility for marking and virtual simulation. The transversal body plane is projected via fixed lasers.


APOLLO lasers are used for precise and repeatable positioning of radiotherapy patient. After imaging based planning via CT or MRI, the patient is positioned at linear accelerator. The laser lines project the Linac isocenter coordinates onto the patient’s skin, allowing for precise alignment to millimeter accuracy with the CT/ MRI. In addition, the room lasers are fundamental component for quality assurance. They aid in the precise orientation of the phantom, to achieve measurement accuracy.

The APOLLO system has tree (optionally four) lasers for the coronal, sagittal and tranversal body planes. Laser colour, line and/ or cross laser and mounting option can be adapted to individual room situation. The optional fourth laser prevents possible shadowing for the linac gantry.

Phantom (Space Fan-ST)

Practice scanning a fetus in the abdomen without disturbing a real fetus. It is now possible with our Spacefan phantom. The belly and thus the baby can be placed in four different positions to practice various scenarios. This phantom contains a 23 week old fetus. Features an extensive fetal anatomy including placenta and umbilical cord.

Female Pelvic Phantom

Exercising on fellow students is not an option for intravaginal research. However, it is important to master this technique. The female pelvic phantom is ideal for this. It allows you to scan vaginally and abdominally. The internal cassette can be changed, allowing you to switch between an early pregnancy, an EUG or a pathological examination.

Breast Examination Phantom

Practice recognizing various abnormalities with different echo density in the breast tissue, with this beautiful breast phantom. The phantom consists of very realistic breast tissue, surrounding bone structures and various targets in different densities. This phantom is ideal for training and quality control.

Acute Abdomen Phantom

Train your trauma and fast scan skills with this abdominal phantom. The phantom has extensive anatomy and (traumatic) pathology, such as bleeding, aneurysm and cholecystitis. Also available: acute belly phantom for children!

Pediatric Phantoms

Pediatric ultrasound exams are different from adults. In addition, gaining practical experience is sometimes difficult because it is undesirable to practice on children. Therefore, a number of pediatric ultrasound phantoms have been developed, aimed at scanning small children. You can opt for a neonatal brain phantom (with or without deviation), a phantom for baby hips or the well-known acute abdominal phantom.

Kneefix 3 Elevation Block

The Kneefix 3 Elevation Blocks can elevate the Kneefix 3 by 5 cm. The Kneefix fit in the topside of the elevation block and will not slide off. Elevation Blocks may be stacked to raise the legs even higher. The Kneefix 3. Elevation Blocks are both two-and three pin idexable.

Spacers and Wedges

Spacers & Wedges are available in a variety of heights and agles for use with the Posific Patient Positioning System to provide positioning offset of the patient for unique treatment needs. They can accomosate the use of all Posifix style headrests. Extended Strop Headrest, Posifx Customizable Head Support and Posifix Individual Head Support.

Feetfix™ 3

The Feetfix 3 is a universal patient support cushion for radiotherapy and diagnostic procedures and has been designed to provide comfortable positioning with enhanced immobilization. The Feetfix 3 is 16 cm tall and is made of lightweight, closed cell foam that is easy to clean. It can be used with either a two or three-pin indexable Lokbar or with the Feetfix Couch support.

Kneefix™ 3

The Kneefix 3 cushion contributes to better stability and reproducibility in the supine position, regardless of the target area. It promotes patient comfort and is therefore ideal for use during lenghty procedures on rigid surfaces. The Kneefix 3 is 16 cm tall and is mode of lightweight, closed cell foam that is easy to clean is is both two- and three-pin indexable. A Low Kneefix 2 (12 cm) is available for additionals setup.


The Posirest-2 Arm Support is designed to create proper and comfortable upper extremity positioning.

- Kits include: Posirest Carbon Fiber Baseplate, Wide Headrest, High Arm Support and Adjustable Arm Supports (2x)
- Arm supports can be adjusted in several positions and are fitted comfortable padding.
- High Arm Support allows patients who cannot reach back to rest their arms overhead.

Posifix Variable Axis Baseplate

The variable Axis Baseplate integrates with any Posifix extension, overlay or baseplate to provide a tilting movement with patient fixation in either prone or supine positions. The unique varable axis design allows for natural head and next movement and features a rotating knob to lock the baseplate into an angle position from 0°-30° in supine position and 12,5°-32,5° in prone position. The baseplate accomodates Posifix head only thermoplastics and accepts all supine and prone Posifix headrests (sold separately).

Combifix™ 3

The Combifix 3 is a baseplate that indexes to the couchtop and combines the Kneefix and Feetfix. It is recommended that both cushions are used in combination, as each cushion enhances the performance of the other, especially when treating the pelvic region.

Monarch™ Overhead Arm Positioner

The Monarch Overhead Arm Positioner is 23.4" (59 cm) wide and features dual function hand grips that allow for natural flexion of the patient's wrists while providing increased positioning options for the clinician.

Posifix ® Contoured Headrests

The Posifix Contoured Headrests are offered in the same curvature as the standard Posifix Supine Headrests feature colored bottoms for easy identification. They are wider and higher and completely surround the back of the head. This design is intended to encourage less lateral, longitudinal and rotational movement during setup and treatment.
(left to right)
Yellow bottom - Natural position - article number 301023
White bottom - Hyperextended - article number 301024
Orange bottom - Chin down toward chest article number 301022
Set of 3 - article number 301234
The cushions are compatible with Posifix®, Positilt™ and Posirest™ Baseplates and the C-Qual™ Breastboard. They are compatible with Uni-frame® Baseplates and the Variable Axis Baseplate via the Adapter Cushion (301016). They are also compatible with Type-S™ Baseplates and Wing Boards™ via the Posi-S Adapter (301029).

Posifix ® Supine Headrests

Posifix headrests are made of low density polyethylene foam.
(left to right)
Cushion 1 : Natural position with shift in superior direction (301001)
Cushion 2 : Hyperextended (301004BLK)
Cushion 3 : Slightly hyperextended (301003BLK)
Cushion 4 : Chin down toward chest (301005BLK)
Cushion 5 : Natural position (301002BLK)
They are compatible with all Posifix® and Posirest™ Baseplates, Uni-frame® Baseplates, C-Qual™ Breastboard and the Variable Axis Baseplate with adapter.

Extended Head Stop Headrests

The Extended Head Stop Headrests helps encourage patients to return closer to the same position from treatment to treatment by providing a cranial stop as a reference for where to place their head.

Individual Head Support

The Individual Head Support provides customized head and neck positioning during radiation therapy treatment and diagnostic procedures. This head support assists in maximizing fixation, stability and comfort while minimizing longitudinal, lateral and rotational movement of the patient. The Individual Head Support is also available with accuform

Protura™ Robotic Patient Positioning System

The Protura Robotic Patient Positioning System is the ultimate in robotic patient motion management. Designed to integrate with most IGRT solutions and Linac pedestals, the system positions the patient with 6 degrees of freedom corrections from outside the treatment room. Protura enables more accurate treatment and keeps patient positioning and motion management clearly on target.

Combined with CIVCO's patient positioning and immobilization solutions, Protura provides the platform to provide a comprehensive motion management solution.

trUpoint ARCH SRS/ SRT Immobilization

Immobilization with trUpoint ARCH is accomplished using multiple components - a custom head support, bite tray, thermoplastic mask and nasion cushion - allowing a truly custom hold for superior results. Each of these components are designed specifically for SRS patient immobilization and each trUpoint ARCH setup is specific to the individual patient, ensuring excellend reproducibility from fraction to fraction.

Body Pro-Lok ONE ™ Respiratory Restriction

The Body Pro-Lok™ system provides an easy-to-use modular system for complex SBRT setups. These modular components are indexable to allow for reproducible setup day to day, including bridges, respiratory plate and belt options to help control patient breathing.
Respiratory Restriction Options
The Body Pro-Lok Bridge is available in three sizes to accommodate different patient sizes and provide immobilization from above. The Standard Respiratory Plate or Wide Respiratory Plate places pressure at the level of the diaphragm to assist in restricting respiratory movement.
The Respiratory Belt provides pneumatic compression and immobilization to the abdominal region for SBRT treatments.

CT Overlays

Carbon fiber one piece overlays securely lock onto a cradle, providing a surface consistent with treatment couchtops. They are lightweight and durable, allowing them to be easily removed or reinserted for use on non-dedicated imaging machines.


Civco has for every couchtop a matching Lok-Bar to attach patient positioning devices. Every Lok-Bar features two pins that interface with the two holes on the holes on Civco’s line of patient positioning and fixation devices.
To index a product, attach the Lok-Bar to any of the indexing points. Then set the patient positioning device on the two pins on the Lok-Bar. Indexing patient positioning and fixation devices to the same indexing notches for every treatment ensures that the device is in the same location and is “square”with the couchtop for every treatment. This definitive repositioning of the device relative to the treatment table allows clinicians to confidently tighten the tolerance window in the record-and-verify system- an important enchancement.
The result: increased target accuracy with increased patient throughpoint.

Universal couchtop™ 1 piece

The Universal Couchtop 1 Piece is an ideal IGRT and SBRT solution with a uniform design and no junctions. It facilitates better dose delivery and target coverage.

Universal couchtop™ Long Extension

Designed for efficiency and performance, the Universal Couchtop Long Extension (UCT LE) is ideal for IGRT and SBRT. The UCT LE facilitates better delivery of dose and, target coverage by eliminating the interference of rails and junctions. It is available for Linac and CT, providing an environment in simulation that is reproducible and dosimetrically matched in treatment.
Seven extension options are available to treat many disease sites including direct attachment of CIVCO's ONEBridgeTM, Body Pro-LokTM Bridges and accessories for SBRT Immobilization.

Taurolock Classic™

4% citrate (anti-clotting effect) and 1.35% taurolidine (broad antimicrobial activity incl. MRSA and VRE)

Taurolock Hep500™

4% citrate (anti-clotting effect), 1.35% taurolidine (broad antimicrobial activity incl. MRSA and VRE) and 500 units of heparin per mL (extra anticoagulant effect)

Taurolock Urokinase™

4% citrate (anti-clotting effect), 1.35% taurolidine (broad antimicrobial activity incl. MRSA and VRE) and 5000 IU/mL urokinase (intensive anticoagulant)


Cosmofer 50 mg/mL solution for infusion and injection.


Ferric derisomaltose 50 mg/mL solution for injection (only for use in dialysis)


Ferric(III) derisomaltose 100 mg/mL solution for injection/infusion

CT abdomen phantom PH-5

This unique anthropomorphic upper abdomen phantom (Hounsfield) enables you to make CT images that resemble clinical images. The comprehensive anatomy of the organs makes multi-dimensional image formation possible.

Whole body phantom PBU-60

The CT whole body phantom is a life-size whole-body anthropomorphic phantom (Hounsfield) with movable and removable joints that make the positioning realistic. The phantom can be disassembled into 10 parts so it can be used for various training sessions and research purposes.

CT Torso Phantom CTU-41

Torso phantom complete with organs, anatomical skeleton and tissue. Every individual organ has the Hounsfield value that corresponds to that of the human body.

Multi functional Chest phantom N1 “Lungman”

The ‘Lungman’ phantom is a life-size anatomical model of a human torso. The innermost components include a mediastinum, pulmonary vessels and an abdominal section, which is easily removable. This enables the user to add tumors or other defects to the phantom. A combination of different defects provides enrichment to the learning possibilities.

Axil leg support

It is often a problem for people who have recently undergone a hip operation to keep their leg up for an X-ray. The Axil leg support is a stable aid for axial prognoses during X-ray examination of the hip. It provides firm support to the foot.

Positioning cushions

In order to take an X-ray that can be properly assessed, proper positioning of the patient is essential. A good aid to position the patient correctly is the multi-purpose positioning cushion.

approval stickers and tags for radiation protection clothing

To allow the quality and safety of radiation protection clothing, for example a lead apron or waistcoat/kilt combination, to be guaranteed, it is important that the clothing is inspected annually. Using an inspection sticker, and the associated tag, it is easy to keep track of when the clothing needs to be checked radiographically.

Easy-Keep™ clothing hanger system

Easy-Keep is a clothing hanger system that can be attached to the wall and is therefore suitable for small rooms. By hanging up the protective clothing, creases and cracks in the lead are avoided and it lasts longer.

Flexi-Keep™ clothing hanger system

To allow your radiation protection clothing to last as long as possible, it is important to hang it up. This prevents creasing and cracks in the lead, resulting in poorer radiation protection. The Flexi-Keep clothing hanger system is a practical, wheeled hanger system.

Thyroid collars

The protection of the neck region is important. Wearing a thyroid collar makes a difference of 10% to the radiation load on the whole body. This is quite a lot for such a small part of the protective clothing. It is therefore important that everyone who is exposed to radiation wears a collar. From a hygienic viewpoint, we recommend the purchase of a personal thyroid collar.


The Split-Wrap provides all-round protection and has openings at the back and sides to give increased freedom of movement and more air circulation. This model provides extra protection thanks to the overlap at the front. It can be supplied with various lead equivalents at the front and back.

Easy-Wrap Apron™

This popular model provides all-round protection and has an adjustable elastic belt to reduce the load on the shoulders. The Easy-Wrap is ideal for people who work in radiography. This model provides extra protection thanks to the overlap at the front.

CPA Skirt & Vest Wrap™

This model combines ergonomics, comfort and freedom of movement. An ideal combination for personnel needing all-round protection and for people who work long shifts. This model has no overlap so the protection is the same everywhere.

Vest & Skirt Relief Wrap™

This model combines ergonomics, comfort and freedom of movement. An ideal combination for personnel needing all-round protection and for people who work long shifts.

Vest & Skirt Wrap™

This model combines ergonomics, comfort and freedom of movement. An ideal combination for personnel needing all-round protection and for people who work long shifts.

Dental Apron

This apron is especially suitable for dental patients. It protects the thyroid among other things. It is easy to put on and is also simple to clean.

Standard Apron™

The Standard lead apron offers protection to the front and features an adjustable belt for optimum comfort. This model is also very suitable for visitors because it is easy to put on and take off. It is also available in a child size.

Easy-Drop Apron™

The Easy-Drop lead apron provides protection to the front and has adjustable Velcro strips at the shoulders and hips. This allows it to be put on and taken off quickly and easily. The length of the shoulder strips can be adjusted easily for optimum comfort.


The Frost model has been developed for personnel who want the best possible hygiene. It has no borders and is available in two models, one for personnel who sit a lot and one for those who mainly stand. The Frost Split is for the latter group. The apron provides protection at the front and reduces the weight on the shoulders.

3PU Apron™

The 3PU lead apron is easy to put on and take off and is particularly aimed at hygiene. This model is therefore very suitable for patients and vets as well as medical personnel. This model provides protection to the front.

Easy-Fix Apron™

This model provides protection to the front. The weight to be supported can be distributed between the hips and shoulders with the Velcro strips. This ensures more comfortable wear.

UltraiQ General Purpose phantom

UltraiQ offers rubber-based phantoms. Using the UltraiQ general purpose phantoms, you can for example determine the contrast and depth of penetration of your transducer. There is an UltraiQ general purpose phantom for any type of 2D transducer.

UltraiQ Uniformity phantom

The uniformity phantom is used for the most simple and quick tests. For example, an uniformity phantom may be used to determine whether your transducers has weak elements. This type of test is often referred to as an Image Uniformity test. Weak or dead piezoelectric elements may cause problems such as decreased axial and lateral resolution, decreased depth of penetration and decreased low contrast performance.