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UltraiQ is a five minute quality assurance software tool for ultrasound transducers. Multiple large scale assessments of transducers have proven that up to 40% [1, 2, 3] of the ultrasound transducers in clinical use are damaged. With the use of UltraiQ, these defects could have been detected and resolved at an early stage.

Lead apron

Radiation protection is of essential importance for work in radiology and nuclear medicine. Cablon offers you a complete, trend-setting range of lead aprons, thyroid collars, goggles and lead gloves so you are optimally protected. There is a wide range of colours and the clothing can be adapted to your personal preference if desired.

Personal dosimetry

Worldwide, around 3.6 billion X-ray examinations are conducted annually – this leads to more rapid and accurate diagnosis. However, due to this, clinical staff are exposed to radiation that could have harmful long-term effects. It is therefore important to keep the radiation exposure as low as possible and to have insight into personal radiation doses.

Radiation detection and safety

In addition to personal radiation protection, Cablon Medical offers several meters that can detect leakage radiation and measure radiation in X-ray and radiation areas.

Quality control

Quality control plays an important role in radiology. The RaySafe meters for diagnostic X-ray equipment help you to make reliable and accurate measurements for quality purposes and are easy to use.

Practice phantoms

Training or testing with real patients is unfortunately not always safe or indeed possible. Kyoto Kagaku practice phantoms are true-to-life phantoms of the human body. The bone structures, tissues, organs, dimensions and weights correspond completely to reality. These phantoms are extremely suitable for training and testing purposes.

Test phantoms

Leeds Test Objects specialises in the development and production of innovative radiological test phantoms for quality control. The phantoms can be supplied with associated software. By using the phantoms, safety and the image quality of systems are guaranteed.

Radiology accessories

Cablon Medical offers a complete range of articles for departments where radiation is worked with. As well as radiation protection clothing and meters we offer a range of radiology accessories including warning stickers, inspection stickers for radiation protection clothing, lead letters, positioning cushions and leg supports for patients.