Hip And Pelvic

Combifix™ 3

The Combifix 3 is a baseplate that indexes to the couchtop and combines the Kneefix and Feetfix. It is recommended that both cushions are used in combination, as each cushion enhances the performance of the other, especially when treating the pelvic region.

Kneefix 3 Elevation Block

The Kneefix 3 Elevation Blocks can elevate the Kneefix 3 by 5 cm. The Kneefix fit in the topside of the elevation block and will not slide off. Elevation Blocks may be stacked to raise the legs even higher. The Kneefix 3. Elevation Blocks are both two-and three pin idexable.

Kneefix™ 3

The Kneefix 3 cushion contributes to better stability and reproducibility in the supine position, regardless of the target area. It promotes patient comfort and is therefore ideal for use during lenghty procedures on rigid surfaces. The Kneefix 3 is 16 cm tall and is mode of lightweight, closed cell foam that is easy to clean is is both two- and three-pin indexable. A Low Kneefix 2 (12 cm) is available for additionals setup.

Feetfix™ 3

The Feetfix 3 is a universal patient support cushion for radiotherapy and diagnostic procedures and has been designed to provide comfortable positioning with enhanced immobilization. The Feetfix 3 is 16 cm tall and is made of lightweight, closed cell foam that is easy to clean. It can be used with either a two or three-pin indexable Lokbar or with the Feetfix Couch support.