Fluke ASM-990

The Fluke Victoreen® ASM-990 detects alpha, beta, gamma or x-rays within a range of 1 μSv / hr to 1 Sv/hr (1 to 5,000,000 CPM), depending on the selected probes (Geiger-Mueller, neutrons, proportional counter, scintillation). With the right combination of probes, this measuring instrument can be used as a general survey instrument, space monitor and contamination monitor. It can also be used to carry out sweep tests.

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The ASM-990 is designed to meet the high standards set for radiation hygiene, medical physics and non-destructive testing. The ASM-990 can be used by various professionals, including radiation safety officers, clinical physicists, radiotherapy, nuclear and X-ray laboratories, and fire departments, police officers and ambulance staff.

The measuring system and probe are fully calibrated for use when delivered and have an MHV connector for all Fluke Biomedical probes.


  • Simultaneous auto-scaled rate and dose measurement, with the ability to register peak dose.
  • Up to 5 different probes can be calibrated with one system
  • The “Survey Mode Data logging” feature allows users to save up to 5 separate measurements.
  • Stored data can be uploaded to a computer with the included Infrared Data (IrDA) sender.
  • Easy-to-use, multifunctional keyboard
  • Illuminated analogue / digital LCD display with audio.
  • Barcode scanner (optional).
  • Automatic power-off feature extends battery life.

More information? Download the brochure

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Interested in the Fluke ASM-990?

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