RaySafe Xi

The RaySafe Xi is a complete multiparameter measurement system for all X-ray, mammography, and fluoroscopy equipment. It measures various parameters in one: kVp, dose, dose rate, pulse, pulse rate, dose/pulse time, HVL, and waveforms.

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How does it work?
The RaySafe Xi has a base station to which various detectors can be connected. The quality of the X-ray beam is automatically calculated at each measurement. The display then clearly displays all measured parameters. All functions can be accessed via just two buttons on the base station.

The system allows for easy expansion with extra detectors (check). This is possible at any time.

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The RaySafe Xi was developed to simplify the measuring process. It takes less than a minute to take the measurement and obtain its result. The device is easy to operate and the process of exporting data for reporting purposes is simple.

The RaySafe Xi is sensitive, so accurate. All RaySafe Xi detectors use several sensors and feature our “Active Compensation System”. It allows users the possibility to measure several parameters in an area with one instrument, including HVL.


The RaySafe Xi can facilitate the most demanding uses. It has a durable, solid cover and a protective foam layer to keep all parts in place.

RaySafe Xi basisstation

The device is supplied with an extended warranty. We recommend that your meter is serviced once a year. This extends the guarantee by another year, up to a maximum of five years. The service includes full calibration, firmware updates and free parts replacement

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