RaySafe X2

The RaySafe X2 is a radiation meter for radiology purposes, with stacked sensor technology, large colour touchscreen and a user-friendly interface. The device has been specifically designed to allow for simple and efficient measuring. All unnecessary interim steps are therefore eliminated when taking measurements. All measurements you need are automatically received from only one exposure and one sensor. The rest is fully automatic – no menus, no selections beforehand.

Interested in the RaySafe X2?

RaySafe X2

Extensive range of sensors
The RaySafe X2 features an extensive range of sensors: R / F, MAM, CT, Survey and even light applications. You select the sensor you need and if you require other sensors at a later date, you can easily expand in due course. The X2 sensors are designed so that no range or special mode selection is required. Most sensors display a trend analysis graph that are immediately analysed on the base station.

In addition, the sensors take very accurate measurements. The algorithms clearly indicate when a parameter is not within the set margin. Finally, the device features a self-test system, so that you can be sure the system is functioning properly.

The touchscreen is easy to operate and enables you to view the data in a comprehensive and flexible manner. The start screen displays an overview of the available parameters of the sensor supplied. The parameter can easily be increased by one push of the touchscreen. You can also swipe to access the help function and the trend analyses.

All measurement results are stored on the base station. During each session, previous measurements can be accessed by a simple swipe.

If you work with the RaySafe X2, you can use the PC software for an extended overview of the base unit or as a tool for further data analysis. The
X2 View software can be easily linked with Excel for reporting purposes.


Interested in the RaySafe X2?

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