Raysafe SOLO

The RaySafe Solo has a sensor connected to the base unit. The device measures the following parameters simultaneously: kVp, dose, dose rate, pulse, exposure time, mA and mAs (depending on model type). All measurement results are immediately available on the display, the scope is the starting point for the configuration.

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RaySafe Solo

Digital radiology:
RaySafe Solo RAD kVp, dose, dose rate, exposure time and pulse
RaySafe Solo dose, dose rate, exposure time and pulse

Digital radiology and screening:
RaySafe Solo R/F Dosis, dose, exposure time and pulse
RaySafe Solo R/F with mAs kVp, dose rate, exposure time, pulse, mA and mAs

RaySafe Solo CT Dosis and DLP
There is the option of expanding the Solo functionalities with HVL measurements (except for CT). The HVL is measured and displayed simultaneously with the other parameters.

The PC kit with serial connection allows the measured data to be exported to Excel. The software programme shows the dose, kVp, mAs, HVL, etc. in real-time. The trend analysis graph is shown in a separate field in the software supplied (Xi View).

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Interested in the RaySafe SOLO?

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