RaySafe DXR+

The RaySafe DXR+ is a modern measuring instrument for exposure and radiation field alignment of radiographic and mammographic X-ray equipment. International legislation recommends that the exposure and radiation fields do not exceed 2%. For mammography, this is as little as +/- 5 mm at the chest/thorax wall.

Interested in the RaySafe DXR+?

RaySafe DXR+

Quick and easy
The meter is simple to use, thanks to the one-step measurements. You simply position the meter within the exposure field. The product will then automatically switch off. It is not necessary to adjust the exposure field to the square phantom before you take a reading. The RaySafe DXR+ operates up to 30 kVp and gives reliable and immediate (real-time) measurement results. There is no need to wait for images to be developed.

RaySafe DXR+

How does it work?

  1. Position the “X-ray” symbol in the exposure field.
  2. Align the yellow middle line with the edge of the exposure field.
  3. Start exposure and consult the display for any possible deviation.


  • Fully automatic
  •  Suitable for radiography and mammography
  • Ideal for digital imaging
  • Battery life from 6 to 8 years

More information? Download our brochure

icoon PDF RaySafe DXR+ brochure

Interested in the RaySafe DXR+?

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