Quality control

Raysafe DXR+

The RaySafe DXR+ is a modern measuring instrument for quality control of radiographic and mammographic X-ray equipment. The meter measures the alignment of exposure and radiation fields.

Raysafe Solo

The system has a sensor connected to the base unit. The device measures the following parameters simultaneously: kVp, dose, dose rate, pulse, exposure time, mA and mAs (depending on model type)

Raysafe Thinx

The RaySafe ThinX meter has been specifically designed to quickly measure and immediately display the main parameters, such as dose, dose per time unit, rate, kVp, HVL, exposure time and pulse. All parameters are clearly displayed on the large LCD screen

Raysafe X2

The RaySafe X2 is a radiation meter for radiology, with stacked sensor technology, a large colour touchscreen and a user-friendly interface. The device has been specifically designed to allow for simple and efficient measuring.

Raysafe XI Platinum

The RaySafe Xi Platinum is a complete multiparameter measurement system for all X-ray, mammography, and fluoroscopy equipment. It measures various parameters in one: kVp, dose, dose rate, pulse, pulse rate, dose/pulse time, HVL, and waveforms.

RaySafe X2 Solo

RaySafe X2 Solo is a new product line from RaySafe that covers the measurement needs of your specific X-ray modalities. It’s based on the same technology as RaySafe X2, highly esteemed for its user-friendliness and performance.