Personal dosimetry

Worldwide, around 3.6 billion X-ray examinations are conducted annually – this leads to more rapid and accurate diagnosis. However, due to this, clinical staff and patients are exposed to radiation that could have harmful long-term effects. It is therefore important to keep the radiation exposure of both the personnel and patients as low as possible and to have insight into personal radiation doses.

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Raysafe I3 - Realtime dosimeter

RaySafe i3: Real time radiation meter
On X-ray departments, personnel works according to the ALARA principle: Use a radiation dose that is “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”, taking economic and social factors into account. In hectic circomstances, safety precautions are not always fully observed. This can lead to a higher radiation dose than necessary.

Creating a safe radiation culture begins with real-time insights into the exposed personal radiation dose. The RaySafe i3 provides these insights so actions can be taken immediately.

Raysafe I3 realtime dosimeter

How does it work?
The RaySafe i3 is extremely user-friendly. It is simple to install and features a touchscreen that is simple to operate. The personnel wear a badge and can continue to work without interruption. The radiation data are retained for five years. No annual calibration or maintenance is needed. The system has been designed for intensive use.

Put the RaySafe i3 real-time display in the examination room.

  • The display shows real-time dose data from all the dosimeters within range.
  • The colour indication (red, yellow, green) gives insight into the current radiation exposure and the opportunity to intervene immediately.
  • The accumulated dose per individual user is displayed behind the coloured bars.
Raysafe I3 -realtime dosimeter

Display functions
By tapping on your name on the touchscreen, you obtain more detailed information about your personal radiation history.

  • A dose dashboard with total dose history
  • The annual personal dose with a comparison to the annual
    limit value



Raysafe realtime dosimeter

i3 dosimeter
The active dosimeter measures and records radiation every second. The data are transferred wirelessly to the real-time display. It is maintenance-free, easy to wear and can be personalised with colours and names.

i3 dose viewer
The RaySafe i3 dose viewer software is used to manage dosimeters and provides insight into the personal dose information. For this, the dosimeter needs to be put into the holder and to be connected to a computer via a USB cable. The software enables you, for example, to look at the history, change names and delete the history.

i3 dose manager
The RaySafe i3 dose manager is advanced software for analysis, reporting and archiving of radiation dosage. It is supplementary to the i3 dose viewer. The i3 dose manager can collect information from multiple real-time displays via the hospital network or USB storage.

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