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The PBU-50 phantom is a life-size, full-body anthropomorphic phantom consisting of a state-of-the-art synthetic skeleton (Hounsfield), lungs, liver, mediastinum and the kidneys embedded in soft tissue material. Moveable joints allow you to mimic the positioning of the patient easily.


  • Life-size synthetic skeleton; hands and feet with trabecular bone structures.
  • Internal organs: lungs with pulmonary vessels, mediastinum, liver and kidneys.
  • Knees can be bent to approx. 90 degrees.
  • The limbs and the head are removable for wider applications.
  • With the help of the head support, the head can be put separately into any desired position.
  • The right shoulder rotates sideways for abduction into a horizontal position.
  • The left shoulder rotates forwards to a horizontal position.
  • Elbows bend inwards to approx. 90 degrees.
  • Hip joints rotate forwards to 90 degrees and outwards to 45 degrees.

Suitable for:

CT scanner & X-ray


Urethane and epoxy resins



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