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Designed for efficiency and performance, the Universal Couchtop Long Extension (UCT LE) is ideal for IGRT and SBRT. The UCT LE facilitates better delivery of dose and, target coverage by eliminating the interference of rails and junctions. It is available for Linac and CT, providing an environment in simulation that is reproducible and dosimetrically matched in treatment.
Seven extension options are available to treat many disease sites including direct attachment of CIVCO's ONEBridgeTM, Body Pro-LokTM Bridges and accessories for SBRT Immobilization.


  • Large, junction-free and artifact-free treatment area of 47 inches (119 cm)
  • DoseMatch™ Technology – Dosimetric consistency via CT SIM compatible models
  • Prodigy™ 2 indexing with 7 cm spacing
  • Seven extension options to treat many disease sites
  • Linac and CT compatible models are available



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