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The Protura Robotic Patient Positioning System is the ultimate in robotic patient motion management. Designed to integrate with most IGRT solutions and Linac pedestals, the system positions the patient with 6 degrees of freedom corrections from outside the treatment room. Protura enables more accurate treatment and keeps patient positioning and motion management clearly on target.

Combined with CIVCO's patient positioning and immobilization solutions, Protura provides the platform to provide a comprehensive motion management solution.



  • Information automatically transfers between systems such as: Varian’s Clinac®iX and Trilogy® Systems via Varian’s motion management interface, Elekta’s XVI imaging system  and VisionRT’s AlignRT® 3D Imaging System
  • Varian interface compatible when using ARIA or MOSAIQ® Record & Verify System
  • Allows users to automatically populate patient data, pedestal location, and 6 DOF shift data from the imaging system
  • Integrated with CIVCO’s comprehensive motion management solutions



  • Sub-millimeter precision from advanced robotic technology
  • Assures precise patient alignment with a built-in redundant sensor system
  • No external camera system is required
  • Dynamic pivot point assures all rotations about isocenter
  • Internal auto-calibration
  • Supports multiple coordinate systems if needed



  • Remote positioning, reducing the need to re-enter the treatment room to align patient
  • Stores historical patient data for easy setup
  • In-room touch screen for moving Protura while in treatment vault
  • Fast initialization, optimized to handle rigors of a busy clinic
  • Powered via a standard outlet, no battery to charge