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General information

Monofer® is applied in case of low iron content (sometimes called iron deficiency or iron deficiency anaemia).
Monofer is only available on prescription and can only be administered via an infusion or injection.
You can find a comprehensive description of the efficacy and possible side effects of this drug in the patient information leaflet and summary of product characteristics.


Iron isomaltoside 100 mg/mL solution for injection/infusion


Glass phial of 1, 5 and 10 mL

Active ingredient:

Iron(III) isomaltoside

Package size:

5, 5, and 2 items

Registration number:

RVG 103070

Z-index number:

15623904, 15623912 en 15623920

EAN code package:

871953004031, 871953004048, 8717953004055

EAN code Vial:

8717953004062, 8717953004079, 8717953004055


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