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Civco has for every couchtop a matching Lok-Bar to attach patient positioning devices. Every Lok-Bar features two pins that interface with the two holes on the holes on Civco’s line of patient positioning and fixation devices.
To index a product, attach the Lok-Bar to any of the indexing points. Then set the patient positioning device on the two pins on the Lok-Bar. Indexing patient positioning and fixation devices to the same indexing notches for every treatment ensures that the device is in the same location and is “square”with the couchtop for every treatment. This definitive repositioning of the device relative to the treatment table allows clinicians to confidently tighten the tolerance window in the record-and-verify system- an important enchancement.
The result: increased target accuracy with increased patient throughpoint.


  • There are Lok-Bars available for different brands e.g. Siemens, Varian, Elekta etc.
  • There are also Lok-Bars available for lateral movements.