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The Leeds Test PIX 13 phantom had been designed to check the image quality of digital X-ray systems. These tests must be conducted during the acceptance of an X-ray system and when establishing a QA baseline. PIX 13 is used on a routine basis and it retains test results that in an interim evaluation (status test) could indicate degradation of performance. This PIX 13 phantom is used in combination with PMMA/Cu or Al patient-equivalent phantom filters (available separately) and can be supplied with a software analysis package.


PIX 13 can conduct the following tests:

  1. Alignment of the X-ray tube
  2. Spatial resolution (0.6 to 5.0 LP/mm)
  3. Low contrast resolution details (6 x 15 mm diameter details)
  4. Dynamic range (7 different Cu thickness steps)
  5. Area to place dosimeter
  6. Homogeneity and signal modification
  7. Cassette size markers
  8. Light X-ray check