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Depending on the individual workflow, different body planes are projected by the DORADOnova laser system for marking the patient. Precise marking is necessary for the subsequent irridation at the LINAC. Our DORADOnova laser systems can be completely configured according to your needs. You have the choice of whether only one or all five laser lines can be moved. Choose between the three laser colours red, green or blue. The laser control software CARINAnav will be delivered pre-installed on a tablet or desktop PC. Fine adjustment of the laser lines can be done by remote control in all degrees of freedom.

The two movable sagittal and coronal lines allow our laser system to offer increased flexibility for marking and virtual simulation. The transversal body plane is projected via fixed lasers.


  • One movable laser line from the ceiling rail
  • One fixed laser line from the ceiling rail and one fixed laser line from each wall/ post rail
  • Shifting is possible by moving the patient table
  • Two movable laser lines each from the wall/ post rails
  • Remote controlled laser adjustment
  • Laser colour: red, green and blue
  • Room planning within pre-installation service

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