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Dr. Elizabeth Chabner, a radiation oncologist has designed a revolutionary radiation bra. This has been specially developed to give patients undergoing breast radiation more comfort and dignity. In addition, the bra ensures that the breasts remain well positioned so that healthy tissue can be saved and skin folds can be lifted. The area to be irradiated can be marked on the radiation bra.


  • User-friendly for patient, therapist and physician
  • Made of lightweight, advanced materials providing enhanced support ideal for positioning the breast and ensuring patient comfort without irritation or sensitization
  • The strategically placed thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) windows allow visibiluty of skin and bony landmarks essential for repeatable patient position
  • Tested at MeV and 6MV to demonstrate that the radiation beam can pass throughout treatment areas* of the bra without attenuation
  • Intended for use by a single patient throughout treatment
  • all points of Velcro attachment are indexable so patient can be custom fit at the time of simulation and throughout treatment
  • Available in 9 sizes, extender available for more size options.

*Velcro attachments, located outside of treatment area, resulted in slight attenuation at 6 MeV


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