CNERGY Go! – Biometric patient identification

Every radiotherapy patient is different, so treatment can vary enormously in terms of dosage and location on the body. This means that it is essential to correctly identify each patient and ensure they receive the correct treatment. Nowadays the checks are done mostly manually; for instance, checking the patient’s date of birth or using a photograph. These methods are error-sensitive, as these checks are not integrated in the workflow there is no 100% guarantee that the steps are always executed.  Cablon Medical has made another step forward with use of a hand palm scan connected to the R&V system and accelerator, the CNERGY Go!

How it works?

Before every treatment the patient’s hand is scanned when the patient is on the treatment table. The patient identification step cannot be omitted, because the accelerator cannot be started until a positive identification has been made.

If a patient cannot use the scanner for whatever reason, a radiation technologist can be nominated to unlock treatment with their own unique palm signature (override). This solution also enables an organisation to maintain immaculate records for compliance purposes.

CNERGY Go! can be extended with waiting room module, the kiosk.


  • Prevents treatment of the wrong patient
  • Accelerator does not start radiation before a positive match is made
  • Fully integrated into the existing workflow of radiotherapy centres
  • Optional waiting room module for patient guidance and attendance
  • Is fast, non-invasive and highest accuracy (FAR <0.00008%)[1]
  • Optional kiosk

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