CNERGY Check includes the independent Couch Setup Assistant (TCSA), which has been a common feature in many radiotherapy centers. In combination with the workflow manager, the couch is swiftly and smoothly adjusted for pre-treatment and remote online patient setup corrections. The high level of accuracy in patient setup increases treatment safety and patient care. Also, CNERGY Check prevents treatment until the required pre-treatment patient setup corrections have been performed, minimizing the risk of setup errors or misalignments.

Key features:

  • Independent couch control and monitoring (using original hardware) during entire treatment
  • High accuracy; up to 0.3 mm precision
  • Reposition (safety) features for automatic couch shift to original position after couch movement
  • Mitigate safety issues for complex multiple isocenters fields
  • All movements are re-traceable by using the main applications
  • Optimal support for daily pre-treatment /a-priori setup corrections


  • Couch safety system monitors all couch movements during the entire treatment
  • Interlock is generated when couch is not in the correct position
  • Customized workfl ows combined with interlocks used for optimal safety to prevent human error
  • Highly accurate independent couch control using CBCT (registration results) import

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