Patient Identification Module CE-approved

Every radiotherapy patient is different, so treatment can vary enormously in terms of dosage and location on the body. This means that it is critical to correctly identify each patient and ensure they receive the correct treatment. Together with the Radiotherapiegroep Arnhem clinic (The Netherlands), Cablon Medical has made another step forward with the use of a palm scan connected to the accelerator, fully integrated in existing CNERGY workflow. We are proud to share that the CNERGY Biometric Patient Identification Module is CE-approved.

Next generation patient identification

After a lot of research, a special scanner has been chosen to measure the vascular bed. This blood vessel pattern is unique to each person. A palm scan is even more accurate than identification based on other biometric data, such as a fingerprint, face recognition or an iris scan* The false acceptance rate of a palm scan is 100 times lower than a fingerprint scan.

In addition, a palm scan be applied more widely, because it is suitable for all patients. For example, medication does not affect the palm scan, while a fingerprint, for example under the influence of chemotherapy, may temporarily disappear. Furthermore scanning a palm works also quickly.

Patient treatment cannot be started without a positive match between the real patient on the couch and the patient selected at the Linac.

Clinically tested and CE approved

The method has been extensively internally and clinically tested by the Radiotherapiegroep clinic and Cablon Medical. Until now 2,000 patients are already registered and more than 21,000 successful scans have already been made. CNERGY Patient Identification Module is CE-approved now and available for all hospitals in Europe and other countries adapting the CE certification.


Discover the benefits of the CNERGY biometric patient identification and ask for a demonstration or a brochure by sending an email to Or visit our booth at the ESTRO congress (booth 6000).

*Napua (2011); Growth of Biometric technology in Self-Service Situations.