Improved CIVCO Vac-Lok Cushions

We are pleased to announce the new and improved Vack-Lok Cushions in gray nylon or clear urethane. The cushions are more regid than the previous generation (cream bags) and easier to clean. In addition thet create a secure support around the patient when a vacuum is drawn through a self-sealing quick-release valve. The new and improved bag retains better itsh shope and guarantees stability and reproducibility of the patient’s position for up to six weeks once the air is vaccummed out.

Features & Clinical Benefits
– More rigid than previous generation (cream) bags
– Protective material coating provides greater cleanability than previous generation bags
– Attached indexing battens (on specific sizes) provide easy method for repositioning
– Available for a span of clinical setups including head & neck, breast, pelvic & hip, and full body
– Treatment area is artifact-free with minimal beam attenuation
– Reusable for ultimate cost-effectiveness
– Available in gray nylon or clear urethane
– MR Conditional