Haga Hospital and Cablon Medical – SRT study for brain treatment

The radiotherapy department of Haga Hospital  and Cablon Medical have set up a trail for testing and implementing the CIVCO Solstice (SRT). The Solstice System is a leading-edge innovation and advancement of non-invasive, brain tumor treatment. With submillimeter accuracy, the system provides unique corrective pitch capability and positioning flexibility. The system is comprised of a carbon fiber head support, customizable cushion and dedicated thermoplastic mask designed for secure and simple attachment. These components create a highly customizable and comfortable head and neck immobilization system for precise treatment to improve patient outcomes. Below the first very positive feed back from clinical physician and technician point of view. More results will be presented at the ESTRO 2020 in Vienna.

Physicist – “We are very satisfy with this product. The match data of CBCT’s made prior and after the treatment indicates high accuracy and stability. The pitch correction functionality gives us extra reassuring in positioning accuracy of the patient especially in treatment of multiple metastases using single isocenter”.

RTT- “The Solstice system is very stable and firm. It gives us confidence in the accuracy of patient setup throughout the treatment. On top of that, it is easy to apply and patient friendly”.

We like to thank the radiotherapy department of Haga Hospital for their cooperation.